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Lux Aeterna has established itself as a leader in lighting solutions for the transit industry by working closely with our customers to design tailor-made solutions perfectly suited to their application.

Lux Aeterna boasts unrivalled experience thanks to our
experience and know-how of our team for over
for over 30 years.

Since 2014

About Lux AeternaServing You Since 2014

Lux Aeterna was created in November 2014 by acquiring the assets of Ceit Intérioriste and Interballast. Ceit Intérioriste and Interballast were major players in the transit industry from 1995 to 2014, offering world-class lighting solutions and interior fittings.

Today, Lux Aeterna combines the key elements key elements of Ceit / Interballast in engineering in engineering, production and operations, and with the with the Ecopak Group in supply chain management management, rigorous corporate management
and administrative resources. This partnership makes Lux Aeterna a solid team
with transit pedigree and DNA. Our commitmentto the industry is to be a strong partner who contributes to the success of your projects. Tell us about your projects.

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LUX Aeterna 

641, rue Léon-Harmel,
Granby (Qc) J2G 3G6

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