Lux Aeterna is an established leader in lighting solutions for the transit industry. We closely collaborate with our clients to design tailored solutions that will meet the most demanding applications.

Lux Aeterna’s expertise is unmatched thanks to the know-how and experience provided by Interballast/Ceit Intérioriste.

  • Team of experienced designers
  • Control of the industry’s normative environment
  • Simple but robust designs with low cost objectives
  • Control of the manufacturing process
  • Vast experience in America and Europe

Our areas of expertise :

  • Rail: OEM, refurbishing, replacement parts
  • Bus: OEM, refurbishing, replacement parts
  • Various vehicles such as: ambulances, trucks, RVs, etc.
  • All forms of lighting powered by a DC source
  • Applications using a UV source: air and water treatment for example